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Fashion for the Discerning Goth

We wear a lot of black...

Fashionable Goth
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Please read the community information. It is short and sweet, and posts that break the rules are subject to deletion without warning. Vendors, please read the rules extra closely - this is not a community for advertising sales and auctions!

This community was created to promote the discussion of Gothic fashion online. It is not dedicated to any one sub-set of goth - all are welcome, from romantic to rivethead. Right now, this is a fairly open community with loose, basic rules. As it grows and evolves, that may change.

What to do here:
1. Post pictures of yourself in your gothic finery. All pictures must be behind a cut, regardless of size.
2. Post pictures of your DIY gothic fashion creations. Designers are welcome to show their work for input. All pictures must be behind a cut, regardless of size.
3. Post links to great Gothic shopping or fashion sites. Online stores may post once to advertise and provide a link to their site, and that entry will be added to the memories under 'Shopping'. Do not repost every update and sale you have. Such posts will be deleted. Posting about your friend's website repeatedly will have the same effect.
4. Post pictures of Gothic fashion. Please be courteous when using another's pictures - provide all possible credit (photographer/model's name, website or magazine you got it from, etc.) to let us know where the picture is orginally from, and do not hotlink to an image. This uses up another's bandwidth. Either provide a URL, or upload it to your own hosting site. Photobucket is a good one. All pictures must be behind a cut, regardless of size.
5. Discuss Gothic fashion.
6. Ask any and all on-topic questions.

What not to do here:
1. Post sales of any kind. There are plenty of communities to advertise your sales and auctions in. This means no Ebay, not your personal online store (stores are allowed one post to provide a link that will be added to the Memories, no advertising sales). Period.
2. Post off-topic material or questions - i.e. anything not to do with gothic fashion.
3. Post goth music events. There are plenty of communities for advertising clubs or concerts in your area.
4. Be an asshole. Constructive criticism (i.e. such-and-such clothing is not flattering to your body shape, try -fill in the blank) is one thing. Mean comments are another. We can tell the difference.
5. Advertise any communities whatsoever, even if they are Gothic fashion communities. It just gets too cluttered, otherwise.

Other Sundry Rules:
1. Please put all pictures behind a cut. This makes it easier for users with slower connections. To use a cut, simply type *<*lj-cut* text=*"your text here"*>*, without the *'s. Then enter your image tags, and then close the cut with *<*/lj-cut*>*. Ta da! (I realize that many people post pictures and put in the cuts afterwards. Posts with un-cut pictures will not be deleted immediatly, but given one hour to insert proper cuts.)
2. Please try to use good spelling and grammar. It doesn't have to be perfect, but it should be readable.
3. Please let your friends know about the community, so that we can build a good member base for lots of input.
4. If you feel someone is harassing you, please let a maintainer know immediately.

Recommended Communities:
gothfash - A large, active community that allows auction/sale postings.
gothmakeuptips - A great place to discuss Gothic make-up and ask for advice.
fakehair - A community devoted to fake hair in all its glory.
deadly_harpie - Another community devoted to pictures of gothic fashion.
gothic_babes - Gothic babes in their gothic finery.